Friday, October 27, 2017


The days are getting colder and we decided it was definitely time to start up the wood stove. Socks and blankets just weren't enough. We just couldn't shake off the chill we had in the house. Thus starts the months of filling, checking and refilling the wood stove! My husband does it when he is home (thankfully) and the children are great helpers with it too! We all work together to keep the house warm!

I have a few things I need to it has been weighing heavy on me. I am not even sure where to begin. Please know I am writing with a quiet (yet heavy) spirit....seeking to address the things laid against me.

I guess I can start by saying that I was not "not posting" in order to keep the last post/comments going and "fuel the fire". I wasn't just leaving it all out there for more people to agree with me. Rather, I have been busy and not had a chance to post again. My mother was thrown (again) from a horse this past Sunday, dislocated her shoulder and has it in a sling (an ambulance was called and the whole she-bang!). I have been babysitting for friends, homeschooling, paying bills, housework, teaching cycling class at the Y, laundry, meals, grocery shopping, doing the worship guide (bulletin) for our church, filling orders for my etsy shop and yesterday I was at my sister's most of the day helping with the baby. I have been busy. Posting takes time to really sit and collect my thoughts and sometimes I just don't have that.

Also, sometimes I am not sure what I want to post. After the "do not judge" comment on my previous post I considered a post on what the Bible says about judging (in proper context of all of Scripture). There are already so many great posts on that though that I figured I would just link to a few. 

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As regards to tone...maybe I wasn't as gentle sounding as I should have been in the sentences I said about feminists. They were truthful statements and I said that I wanted to do a whole post on it so I could explain myself further. Here is what I said. You can see my previous post to read the paragraph entirely...

"I truly cannot understand *any* man desiring to marry a feminist. They have no desire to serve their husband. They want to be the leader of their homes... OK....I need to stop as that is for another post entirely."

If I had been able to write the post about feminism that I wanted to I would have shared the link to this recent article: HERE It's about a woman who made her husband lunch to take with him to work and was looking for some other lunch ideas (rather than the normal sandwiches) and got slammed for even *making* her husband a lunch! She was pummeled with things left and right! I am a woman who makes my husband's lunch for work each day. To hear these women's outcries at serving their husbands is appalling!

I honestly thought of *not* approving the first negative comment I got on my last post because I didn't want to have the controversy and stress of it. I didn't feel like dealing with it all honestly...but then I thought that I would offend if I only posted the "nice" comments. So I approved the comment and tried to clarify my position. Then it was assumed that I was fueling the fire by letting comments of those who agreed with me through. That was not the intention. I was publishing all comments good and be fair. Not to fuel the fire or make things worse.

This is a place where I share my love of Christ, my family, the job He has given me, and sometimes my views. I am far from perfect...but am writing as I see fit and according to biblical standards. If you find fault with my writing, you may come to me privately (by email) and voice your concerns as to how you believe I am sinning (Matthew 18:15). Then there will be no stressful controversy going on in the comments. Also, I think if you desire to comment as anonymous (especially to try and correct me) it would be kind to at least put your name with it.

I was asked by one friend why I don't comment on their blog. Honestly, I don't read many blogs. Sometimes I do read and don't comment (as I know many do here). I don't do it out of unkindness. I know sometimes people will comment on others' blogs and expect them to reciprocate (I am not naming anyone specific...just saying in general). I am of the mindset that if I find a blog I enjoy and comment there....I don't expect that blog owner to start reading my blog and commenting. So, I am thrilled if you enjoy reading here....and am grateful for your time, comments and encouragement but please don't take it personally if I don't read and comment on your blog. Even the blogs I have linked in my sidebar....I only read a couple of them (sort-of) regularly. Some blogs I pop on and read a post or two and may never comment....but move on to the next thing (as many do here). And that's okay! :o)

I am closing the comments to this post. I don't want to debate nor have an unkind exchange ~ nor am I posting this just to get comments to agree with me. I just wanted to clear up some things. I *am* really trying to please the Lord while serving my husband and raising my family. I am terribly imperfect and definitely *never* portray us as the perfect Christian family. None of us (Christians) are perfect....but many of us *are* striving to live a life of excellence unto the Lord we love. I will continue to share here as I have been....and will still speak against sin when necessary. Thank you for reading here...and I do hope and pray God's grace for each of you that visits.