Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Memories 2014 Part 1

Sleepy Xavier...

Making gifts...

Christmas Eve at my sister's house...

Oh, the excitement of presents to be opened!!!

I got in a *lot* of snuggling time with baby Audra!

Jaxson was eager for a turn to hold her too!

Uncle Chris with Dinah...

My aunt, Eloise and Chris...

Pop-Pop (my dad) with his mini-me (Dinah)...

My parents got my sister and Cory a huge Lego VW camper to put together!

 Dinah in her new slippers...

Madelyn holding Audra...

Uncle Chris and Dinah were dancing!

We enjoyed time with loved ones at my sister's house last night. We enjoyed delicious food and enjoyed opening gifts. We also celebrated my cousin's birthday who turned 25 today. She's a Christmas baby!

I will have more photos to share of our Christmas memories from today sometime soon! I hope your time with loved ones was blessed! Thanks so much for stopping by to share in mine!


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  1. Wonderful!
    Many blessings!
    The children are precious!


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