Monday, September 2, 2013

The Chicken Plucker

Some unsuspecting chickens were killed and *plucked* this past Saturday. No, no...don't worry, it wasn't *my* girls...

It was actually the meat chickens Chris and I have raised. We raised 50 and sold them all (except for one we are keeping for ourselves). We could have even sold more! People are definitely interested in hormone-free, humanely-treated, healthy chicken to eat! Saturday was our day to kill, pluck, gut (sorry for sounding gruesome but it's homesteading in it's truest form) and bag the meat chickens. It took hours and was a lot of work. It was terribly hard for me at first. I know God created chickens for us to eat...but it was hard to really get the hang of it. The more chickens we processed, though, the easier it got for me (not that I *enjoyed* it...but I could *handle* it better).

Before we could process the chickens though, Chris had to finish making the chicken plucker! This saves a lot of hand-plucking work! I just have to put in a plug here for how much I love this dear man. He can do whatever he puts his mind to. He is amazing. A perfect man? No...that spot is reserved for Christ alone. But Chris most-definitely is an excellent man ~ one I am so proud to call my husband!

The boys enjoyed playing at the *dirt pile*...

My laying chicks (that we got at the same time as the meat chickens) are growing well. They have now been moved into the big coop and run with our older hens. They seem to be doing well. :) The older ones are picking on the younger ones *too* much...

Although, for the moment, we only let the older ones free range for a bit in the evening. The younger hens need to stay inside until they really understand that this is their *home*...

Penny and Pearl...always doing their part to help mow the lawn...

Chris continued work on his chicken plucker. Here it is with all of the rubber fingers attached and the motor working...

Some have asked how it works. You can see someone do a video on it HERE (it's not us though). I must admit, it shocked me the first time I saw be prepared. But it *is* a wonderful way to get the chicken plucked.

Here was our set up on Saturday (below). I didn't take *any* pics of the actual process. I figured I would save you the icky-ness of it all! Plus, my hands were constantly a mess from plucking any feathers off that the plucker didn't get off...

Sunday, after church and a light lunch of homemade sloppy joes ~ we spent the afternoon resting after such a crazy-busy day Saturday. In the evening, Chris and the children enjoyed shooting their bows...

*As you can most definitely see, my garden is now done and quite overgrown with weeds now!*

So today is Labor Day....I am moving *much* more slowly today and it's nice. I still have much I would like to accomplish today though so I best get moving! We are back to our daily grind tomorrow... :)

Here's hoping you are enjoying a lovely *day off*! 

It's all about Jesus Christ being first
....and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first. 
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank, 
He is everything. 
~Paul Washer


  1. I always enjoy reading about your homestead life, Katy. May God bless your family!
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Chicken killin' day! I remember my parents doing that and we kids had to stay inside the house. We watched from the window as my dad wrung their necks and tossed them in the back of his truck. I remember seeing them hop up and down in the back of the truck. It made us kids giggle back then. Now I'm an old softy and don't know if I could watch it. LOL I'm sure your home grown chickens are delicious!!

  3. What a trooper you are! If Chuck asked me I would help him but I imagine I might be a little queasy. My mom talks about plucking chickens growing up. I believe they scaled theirs and then plucked them. Every now and then she talked about growing up on the farm.

    Wishing you a great week!

  4. Way to go, Katy! With your little cottage business of providing locals with yummy, healthy chicken. My hubby wants to build a plucker as well. The store-bought ones are ridiculously expensive! He researched and figured out how to make one using mostly youtube videos, but we ended up not buying any meat chickens this year. We'll maybe add that to our goals next spring. :)

  5. Glad that the processing went well for you. We butchered our rooster a few weeks ago. It is not a joyful process but it is good to know how to provide for our families, and not just from the grocery store!



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