Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thy Will Be Done

"The deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way in the end, but by making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able honestly to pray what He taught His disciples to pray: Thy will be done. Acceptance of whatever this means is the great victory of faith that overcomes the world." 
 ~Elisabeth Elliot

Thinking on how to begin this post I decided that first and foremost, I want to thank everyone who stopped by to read THIS post and those who (through blog comments, emails and in person) have been so encouraging and supportive of my weight loss (what loving and kind people visit me here...thank-you!) and also the prayers for me and for the vas reversal too. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

This isn't just about losing weight or reversing the's about obedience and realizing that God's will takes ultimate priority over my own. I *shouldn't* be overweight (for obvious health reasons) but also because as a Christian, my body is the temple of God, the Holy Spirit. I was bought at a price. Can I not control myself and be more conscious of my decisions? I am not an *idle* person...I stay busy no matter what I am doing...however, I have been lazy with eating decisions and not sticking with exercising over the years.

This is not about *my* will be done...but about *Thy* will be done. 

As much as I want to be healthy and then have the chance of having more children one day...ultimately, I want to please God...not because He demands perfection but because I love Him. I love Him because He first loved me...even though I was unworthy of His love. I was bought by the blood of Jesus Christ and *that* makes me worthy...*He* makes me worthy in His sight and I am forever grateful.

Because of His great sacrifice for me, it is my desire to please Him. I strive to do this in all areas of life...being a Godly wife and mother (although please know, I fall terribly short) homemaker, encourager to friends, in praying and helping why do I hold on to lazy tendencies when it comes to diet and exercise? Because I am selfish. That's it...plain and simple.

But as I said in my last post, I have begun spinning classes at 6 in the morning. After my first class on Friday, I could (and still do) feel the burn! Saturday, the children rode their bikes by me as I walked briskly for one mile. (I am looking forward to the time when my muscles don't burn quite so I am quite a sight to see when I am going up and down stairs aches so much! **But** I am thrilled to be doing it. The women in the spinning class helped me begin and were so encouraging. I am so thankful!)

I have signed up (for free) at (thank-you, Jamie, for the recommendation!) and have been faithfully keeping track of all that I eat and the exercise I do! It's a great tool!

I also have my sweet friend Kelly...(who lives over 900 miles away from me) praying for me, emailing to encourage me, and *joining* me in this venture! She has pledged to walk the same distance as our homes are apart over this next year and while doing so, pray for me! She is a lovely friend...truly...she has blessed me immensely and I am thankful for her!

I have posted two photos...they are me when I was a senior in high school (13 years ago!). That is the weight I want to get back to. I wasn't perfect then...but I was healthy and that is where I am headed back to. I don't see any reason I can't reach that goal. With the strength God gives...through His Spirit and the encouragement and support of loved ones...there's no reason I should fail! (Plus, admitting to failure on my blog, would be quite humiliating!)

So, are you still here? I know, this has been a lot to read and I apologize for being so long-winded...but I just wanted to update everyone (who have been so kind to root me on) on how it is going and send out many thanks! If you are trying to lose weight, like me, remember 1 Corinthians 6:19-20:

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own;  you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body,"

**And don't worry...not *every* post is going to be about weight loss or gain...and actually, this one isn't really's all about God's grace, His will and my heart of gratitude! :)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,

"Do little things as though they were great, because of the majesty of Jesus Christ Who does them in us, and Who lives our life; and do the greatest things as though they were little and easy, because of His omnipotence."
~Blaise Pascal

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  1. Katy, I meant to send you an email after your other blog post....I will send lots of positive thoughts your way...weight loss is something I have battled most of my life, and I know that I cannot smaller portions maybe, and eat healthier, but I cannot diet..I too started on June 1, eating healthier, doing a bit more walking...etc.....I know you will do it.....and I so admire you for spinning class at 6am!!! :)
    Take care

  2. Through God ANYTHING is possible!! Keep on keeping on Katy!!

  3. When I feel the burn and feel like I can not take another step I find myself repeating Philippians 4:13 over and over and over. I have fallen off of the excercise wagon and you are encouraging me to get back on. I make excuses about it being to hard with the boys here or that I need to be doing housework instead. No more! I will be doing my Wii Fit every day.

    I plan to join you as you work toward a healthier lifestyle. My goal is to lose 40-50 pounds. I know that if we all pull together we can do it!

  4. Sweet Katy, I've fallen away from exercising lately too - so am hoping to join you as well! I've joined myfitnesspal too :) A friend told me about that months ago - only through HIS strength!
    Love, Monica

  5. Don't worry, Katy.....YOU WILL NEVER FAIL! God is walking right beside you and no matter what happens...he will be there for you and your family. He has a plan. (That is what I always tell my grown children.)Great post, Katy. Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!


  6. You absolutely *can* do this: Philippians 4:13 is what I try to live by. You are young, and that does make it easier.

  7. Just catching up with your last few posts and wanted to let you know Katy that I believe your desire and intentions are wise, noble and beautiful, honouring to God and your husband who sounds like a very wise and sensible man in the way he has suggested that you proceed and I do believe that where God guides He provides. That has been our experience as we obeyed God as we chose to add more children to our family. Finances, health and energy (in my 40's!) were just some of the areas where we saw God's hand at work. So glad we chose to listen to the Lord for if we had listened to 'wordly wisdom' we would not have experienced the double blessing of twins and then another blessing in my 40's which I have to tell you is wonderful!

  8. Just read your other post as well as this one, and wanted to encourage you and share my story. Like you and your husband, I had the desire for more children but my husband wasn't on board yet. Then when he did come to have the same desire for more children, we tried for over a year and couldn't seem to get pregnant. During this time my weight soared as it had during our entire marriage. No matter what I did, I just couldn't lose it. I finally went to the doctor thinking it might be my thyroid, but they did blood work and found out I was insulin resistant and on the way to becoming a diabetic. My doctor put me on Metformin, and within just 3 months time, I became pregnant! We are so over joyed and thankful, as I an now at 20 weeks! My insulin levels returned to normal and I'm now off the medication, and my pregnancy has gone great! So keep up the hard work, the Lord WILL grant you the desires of your heart! :)

  9. I will pray for you Katy. Thanks for sharing these posts. They are very encouraging to others. Bless you.

  10. I enjoyed your post and look forward to hearing about your weight loss and getting healthy journey. I think so many of us are in the same boat with you and it's nice to hear others ideas. I am encouraged by your commitment to get up early and exercise! Have a great week!

  11. Bless your heart Katy. I know you can do it, girl! The best thing about your pictures is your RADIANT smile and the Holy Spirit beaming from you! Good thoughts and warm wishes are sent your way. (: You guys are in my prayers!


  12. Praying for you on your journey! I, too, am trying to lose is so difficult, but support and prayers from others sure does help.

  13. i am trying to lose as well and it is not easy, but I am half way to goal with 37 lbs down And feel so much better already. I have back pain most of the time and it has been cut in half. You are in my prayers as well. You'll do great.

  14. I am just now catching up with your blog. Sending prayers your way for your weightloss journey and reversal. I know how difficult weightloss can be. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and could't understand why I couldn't lose the weight. Now that it is controlled I need to get down to the weight loss business when the baby comes. :) For a long time we accepted the "wordly" wisdom of child bearing. Thankfully we too were awakened to the lie and will be welcoming our 5th baby in August. I will pray for you as you travel this journey.


  15. Katy, I think that you are beautiful! Inside and out! Janice

  16. I am certain you CAN!!!!!! And you WILL! Love your honesty and dedication to God

  17. I am on a journey to health myself for that reason- to glorify God! Being overweight is usually a result of a lazier lifestyle (note I say usually, not always as there are some medical reasons of course) and also gluttony, as you noted. This is how I have been living and it's something I am changing in my life too! Great job, and I love your transparency :)


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