Monday, March 5, 2012

The Celebration of a Simple Life

 Making bread

My husband turned 33 years old yesterday....33 beautiful years....12 of which I have had the absolute pleasure of being part of! Oh, how thankful I am for him...a treasure he is, truly. Friends who know him personally, who are reading right now, know what I mean. I wish I could introduce him to each of you...such a gift I have in him. :)

My parents came over Saturday night for supper to celebrate with us. I made a filling meal of beef roast (in carrots and onions), homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, beets (a favorite of Chris), and broccoli! My parents brought carrot cake for dessert!

 Making Noodles

 Every burner was kept busy Saturday night.

 The table, all set for supper.

 Blowing out the candles.

 My birthday party-ers!

A card Madelyn made for her daddy...'s not your *age* that matters...just how you *look*! ;)

Sunday, after wonderful fellowship and preaching at church...we went to Chris's parents' house to celebrate a birthday lunch for him! We enjoyed meatball sandwiches, potatoes, cole slaw, homemade mac and cheese, desserts and homemade icecream! 

I made deviled eggs to take. Fresh eggs are harder to hard-boil...but I was able to get it done! Then into the ice-cold water they went!

Chris, my 33 yr-old beloved...heart of my his mom and dad's...

Lord willing, I will be celebrating *many* more years of this man's simple, beautiful life. I'm so thankful, typing through tears, that I am his and he is mine. Not every day is easy...but there is no one else I would rather travel the roads of life with than him. For love is stronger than death...he *is* the one my soul loves.

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Lovely tribute, Katy! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time each day.

  2. Katy, I have struggled with hard boiling our fresh eggs. I just want to share that after months of experimenting, and losing lots of egg whites in the act of peeling all those eggs (and eating LOTS of egg salad as a result!), I finally found the best way to do up fresh eggs. I steam them! Yes, steam. What you do is you take a push pin and clean the tip real good. Gently push it into the fat end of your egg, making a hole. Then stand it hole side up in your steamer basket. When you have all your eggs lined up in your basket, cover the pan and start the water underneath the basket to boil. You'll have to watch now till it comes to a full rolling boil. Once that happens, turn off the burner, but leave your pan there, covered, for 16-18 minutes. You'll have to play with the time and see what works for your stove top. (Remember, if your yolk has that gray line around it, the egg is overdone.) Once the timer rings I remove the pan from the stove and uncover it. I don't immerse the eggs in cold water. That seems to shrink that inner membrane back around the egg and then the white comes off with it when I peel. So frustrating! So I just keep the eggs there, still warm, but cooling off a bit. When cool enough to touch, I start peeling them under gently running water. I do this by first tapping the area over the pinhole on the side of my sink to crack the bottom of the shell, then I tap around the body of the egg, creating lots of cracks all over the surface. If you get it nice and loosened, your shells should come off with very little peeling at all. Oftentimes the gently running water makes them just slip off! Once I perfected this way of doing eggs, I am so happy to once again present PRETTY hard boiled eggs!

    Your weekend looked lovely!

    ~Kelly in MN

  3. Sweet post! Chuck and I have the same kind of love you and Chris have. It makes me sad that not every couple has it. It is a beautiful thing!

    I have ruined many eggs by boiling them when they are to fresh. Glad that you found something that works for you. I usually let a dozen age for a while just for boiling.

    Loved the camo party hats. :) Happy Birthday, Chris!

  4. You all seemed to have had a fun time...It's so good to see such beautiful love shared!

  5. Happy birthday to Chris! He is a lucky man to have such a loving wife! That was a nice tribute to the man you love, Katy. God bless your family.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  6. gracious girl, your weeping me up too:)

    such a sweet simple time...

  7. This is I need a tissue! (; You all are so, so blessed...It's wonderful!
    Camo hats (yea!) -- Our favorite color. (:

    Smiles and continued well wishes sent your way ~


  8. What a joy and blessing to love a noble man and to be loved by a noble man. Happy birthday to Chris. Angelia in Tx

  9. Sweetie, this post is beautiful! Sounds like you and Chris were made for each other. Happy Birthday to Chris and may his next year be wonderful.

    Blessings to you, Katie,

  10. Hi Katy, beautiful post,lovely family, i love reading your blog. Best wishes jackie x

  11. Happy Birthday to Chris, may both of enjoy many, many more together. Also, thank you to his mother for blessing you and the world with such a fine young man.


  12. Happy Birthday to Chris wishing him many more. What a wonderful post.
    Chris is a blessed man to have a wife as devoted as you are. Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.
    Have a wonderful day.


  13. LOVE reading about your simple beautiful life!!


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