Friday, January 20, 2012

Yarn Projects

Although I am an avid knitter...I have been trying my hand at some crocheting (like I mentioned HERE). Crocheting items is much quicker than knitting them (although I really like the look of most knitted items better). Xavier, yesterday morning, had expressed how much he would like a pair of I found a pattern and made him a pair. He really likes them (and now the rest of the family has put in their requests as well!).

His feet fit in them perfectly...keeping those footsies snug and warm...

 I also tried my hand at a potholder that I mentioned I had wanted to make in THIS post. I found a pattern for it HERE and it turned out wonderfully! I would like to make a few *bigger* ones though!

Here are some other patterns (knitting and crochet) that I would like to try soon...

A look at *one* of my knitting/crochet project baskets...

It's cold in Western PA, very cold. It's definitely normal for this time of year...but keeps Chris and I busy out at the wood stove. Inside, drastic temperatures calls for drastic measures...

Our front room (that I hope to turn into a regular front porch, one day) has older windows. They are very drafty. This sends cold breezes of air through the house sometimes. So, despite the unattractive-ness of it, Chris hung a fleece sheet between the front room and the dining helps a lot! If you walk *into* the schoolroom, the temperature difference is extremely noticeable! I suppose you just have to do what works! :)

Today, the children and I will tackle our usual tasks and may also do some re-arranging/re-organizing of some bookshelves....we'll see! I know I am going to be working on my yarn projects today too! I hope your day is *great*!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. I grew up in a drafty home and hanging blankets and rolling towels for the bottom of the doors was an every winter occurance. I am so thankful for the new windows and doors Chuck installed so that doesn't have to happen at my current home.

    I wondered if you have make any holders that go over the handles of iron skillets? I saw the West Ladies of Homestead Blessings use them on the Art of Cooking DVD. I thought that was clever. Especially since I always seem to let the pot holder slip.

    Keep warm and have a great weekend!

  2. nothing better than homemade to warm the body and the soul
    'hugs from afar'

  3. We have a drafty home also. We have plastic and blankets over our windows up stairs in the kids rooms. Our laundry room sounds as cold as your school room, we just put a blanket on that door to keep the kitchen alittle warmer. I guess we just do what we have to do to get by...I wouldn't trade our 100yr old drafty house for anything tho:) Have a Wonderful and Blessed Weekend!
    Lisa in Illinois

  4. We used to do the blanket thing in California when I was growing up, but to keep the air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms...we didn't need a/c but for a few weeks in August every we just had one window a/c unit...

    Hope your staying warm - we are cold here in Central PA today and are to get snow and then a mix tonight and tomorrow!


  5. Blanket hung in odd places or not.. Your house says HOME!!! and yes u gotta do what u gotta do!


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