Monday, January 9, 2012

Moments at Home

The snow that we had HERE is now gone. Temperatures, although still cold, are considerably mild for this area, this time of year! I have even had clothes drying out on the line!

The children have enjoyed time outside this weekend, riding the go-karts.

Out of gas, X sits in the go-kart waiting for a fill-up!

The yard is a bit torn up (only a smidge ;)...

The way we heat our home...


Madelyn, going to get the mail...

The chickens are laying well for us (finally) and are enjoying the sunshine (and lack of snow)...

My sweet loves, Penny, Pearl and Polly are doing well. They love attention!


Pearl (on the left) and Polly...

Inside, the glove basket...

Warmth in the dining room...

Delmonico steaks for supper one night (cooking on a cast-iron grill...a wonderful gift from my sister and her family!)...

The rest of the meat I bought from the meat market, I vacuum sealed with my food saver (truly a wonderful invention)! :)

My Madelyn, beautifully blossoming into a young lady...

Jax and Mad playing library...

I love moments at home with the ones I love most. I can't imagine missing *any* of these precious, never-able-to-get-back moments with my children...and my husband when he is home from work. :o)

Today, we are officially starting to use the chore chart I posted about HERE. The children are excited to start it and I am anxious to see how well it works! I hope you have a great day and thank-you for visiting me, here! Until next time...

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. The weather has been mild in Central Indiana also. Lots of outside time this weekend! :) The steaks look great. Yum!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  2. So mild in Lancaster County too! It was 63 degrees on Saturday! Amazing!

    Today we will be starting a new morning 'work' and afternoon 'work' list and back to a full school routine. I am eager to get back to it!


  3. We too, have had such a mild winter. It certainly seems to make it go faster! I'll be interested to hear how the new chore chart works out for you.

  4. My gracious.

    What a lovely place you have.

    Your yard looks much like mine;)

    Looking forward to visiting again real soon.


  5. Hope the chore chart does wonders for you! We didn't get ANY snow this winter...I guess it aint over yet but I doubt we will:)Think of me today as I try to organize my house:) Pretty sure it will take more than one day:)

  6. We are so blessed to have all these moments at home. I want to savour them all! My children would love those go karts but as we live on a hillside that is one 'toy' they cannot own here.
    We are having hot weather at the moment but the humidity is ridiculous. Sweating cannot be avoided so I'm very thankful that we have a pool which is where I will be spending some of today's moments.

  7. Your family is lovely. I like to hang clothes outside to dry when weather permits. Have you noticed that clothes pins that are sold now are flimsy. Mine break after I use them one or twice, and trying to use three to hold up a pair of wet jeans is nothing short than a miracle sometimes.

    Take care,

  8. The beauty in country life is that it is simple and quiet. You can connect with nature better, given your close proximity to plantlife and animals. It would also be great to wake up in the morning and witness the sunrise and sunset, even in a cold day just like this. I love your country home!


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