Monday, January 23, 2012

Hooray! Eloise turns *ONE* today!

Exactly one year ago today, God blessed our family with our first niece! Oh, how joy-filled this past year has been! If you have visited me here these past 365 days, you have seen how much we all just love this little girl! I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by...bittersweet, truly.

Eloise had a *Minnie Mouse* themed birthday party. My sister did such a wonderful job with everything! Everyone in attendance had a great time...Eloise (aka: Minnie Mouse) was super-cute in everything she did. She seemed *very* happy that many of the people she loved most were all in the same room! I will admit, I took a lot of photos...I am posting some of them (but there were many more!)...

Xavier and Eloise...

The slippers I made for El fit her (to my absolute delight) perfectly!

My sister got my children these funny glasses...

Eloise was trying to figure out *who* it was behind those glasses...

Peek! Well, hello there, Madelyn!

Who is behind these glasses? Why, it's Jaxson!

Eloise takes a turn!

Oh how El loves Madelyn...and the feeling is completely mutual! Maddy can really get her giggling!

Time for a break from all the's time to eat some supper!

Daddy reading to Jaxson...

Cory and Devon served up a delicious supper of hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, macaroni salad, baked beans and carrots! Everyone got their fill and then it was time for presents!

She sure loved that wrapping paper (as most babies do!)...

She really enjoyed pulling the paper off and then putting it *in* something...specifically a gift bag that you will see she fell in love with, a few photos down. Look at my sister in this photo, below. Isn't she just beautiful?

This gift bag caught Eloise's eye and she loved putting things in it and carrying it around!

The last gift of the night was from Grammie and Pop-Pop (Devon and my parents). It was a **baby**. Eloise fell immediately in love and Mama couldn't get the baby out of the box fast enough!

She ran around the room showing everyone her baby!

It's almost time for cake...but first, Eloise wants to feed her baby!

Time to blow out the candle (with just a wee bit of help from Mama)!

Devon made El a super-healthy carrot cake to enjoy...and she truly did enjoy it! She was very neat about it though, much to our disappointment (well, not complete disappointment...she was super-cute...messy or not!)

Clomping around in her snow boots, baby-in-hand...

Winding down for the night...sitting with Madelyn...

What an absolutely wonderful evening it was! Everyone laughed and enjoyed watching Eloise be her sweet self all night. I know my sister is going to post photos of her own this morning (I just rise from slumber earlier than she does). I hope you will pop over and see her pictures HERE!

We thank God for the wonderful gift of Eloise. None of us could imagine our lives without the *sparkle* that is her.

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. So sweet!

    Her cake is darling, and she is such a sweet little thing, you can tell she just enjoyed everything!


  2. What a sweet little birthday party! Eloise looks so darling with her baby.

  3. guess i don't need to post about the party now... lol

    1. I'm sorry...I wasn't trying to be rude...I should have let you post first...I wasn't even thinking! :(

  4. Happy 1st Birthday to Eloise! I'm a huge Disney fan, & love Eloise's birthday outfit. She looks adorable. Also, Katy, love your blog ! Your decorating is inspirational, as is your faith.

    1. Thank you, so much! :) I am so glad you visited!

  5. What a sweetie she is! You just can't help but smile when you see her :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!
    She's adorable!
    Blessings to her, and all your family!

  7. Happy Birthday to your niece. She's adorable. The Minnie Mouse is a cute theme!

  8. Very sweet and nice to see how much you're all enjoying her!

  9. It is good to see family together and happy! She is so adorable
    and the pic of her feeding the baby doll is priceless! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a wonderful week! Loretta

  10. Isn't there a law about how much cuteness factor one can take? LOL! What a wonderful celebration! Much love to all of your family. Thanks for including us!

  11. She is growing up! Where does the time go? She is such a doll.You sister chose a cute theme for her party. It looks like everyone had a great time. It is such a blessing that you are so close to your sister. I am an only child and that is something I have missed out on. I am thankful my children have each other. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and enter the giveaway. I think you would enjoy it.


  12. Katy~ What a wonderful post, loved the story and all the pictures. She is sure turning into a little cutie.Blessings to you all, Joann


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