Friday, June 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Life...

The children and I went to a few yard sales today....found a few great deals **always love that!**. When I find a few things for in my home...I get-to rearrangin'. ;) Previously, I had a bigger basket to hold my dishcloths..but I found a smaller one in my home and decided to use it instead. I moved the plant and a few other things around as well.

I love how *fresh* it feels! :) Do you get that feeling too when you move things around a bit?

A good reason not to wash your van...

***Your kids use it as a canvas to display their artwork! ;)

Last evening, we took Stu downtown. A local festival is going on, right now, in our small town. My mom's church and another local church were advertising their VBS plans for this she asked us to bring Stu down as a sort of *prop*. :) Chris met us down town after they are sitting in front of The Christian Bookstore (we were waiting for my mom to come down and get set up)! :o) (X was off to the side.)

You may be wondering how I got Stu *to* the downtown festival. I brought her in the back of my van. Yes, the *family* van. ;) I layed down a few cheap rugs in the back and let's just say that I am so, so glad that I did...sheep are awfully messy lil things! ;)

Stu got lots of hay, corn, water and attention from kids coming by! :) Although she wasn't too happy when I walked away from her. She would *baaa* a lot!

My mom painted faces for their church. My kids were lucky...they got to have their's done first! ;)

X and one of my mom's chickens! She was another *prop* mom used to advertise their church's VBS. :) (Our church does a sports camp for VBS....we attend a different church than mine or Chris's parents).

Madelyn got to work on making a basket. (below) Another lady had started it...and then they gave Madelyn the chance to work on it some! :) She did a great job! I have made a basket before...I found it to be quite difficult! ;)

We stayed till a little after 8pm. I'm not a huge fan of large crowds of people. I'm quite a social person...but ever since THIS happened...I can feel claustrophobic easily in big crowds. It can tend to stress me. ;) It's not an all-consuming fear...just a bit of a discomfort for me. Plus...getting home is nice. Baths for the children and tucked into bed. A little reading for me and then off to bed myself! :o)

And...because it makes me laugh...I have to show you a picture of X today. He put on these 3-D glasses that Madelyn had from a movie she got to see with my parents. Hehehe....isn't he so cute..? ;)

Tomorrow evening is my 11 yr high school class reunion (we didn't get around to having one for our 10 yr). It's at a nice place. I think it will be a nice time. I look forward to having Chris by my side. I am *such* a different person than I was in high school (for the better). Christ lives in me now (thankfully)! I suppose we are all going to be different, in one way or another. :) It will be nice to see old friends and catch up. Although this is a couples only supper...I look forward to sharing about my children and hearing about the families old classmates have now! :)

Then Sunday is Father's Day. I have church....then will be helping, with other members of Chris's family, to make and serve chicken dinners for my in-love's Meat Market. :) Hopefully, I will get to spend some time with *my* father as well!

Also...HERE is a link from Lehman's. It gives some ideas about what life was like 101 years ago! It's so neat to read...and although *old* fashioned is my favorite way to do most things...I am sure glad to live in a time when most men live past the age of 47! :)

I *finished* the book Acres of Hope that I mentioned in THIS post. (I totally recommend it!) I have now started reading A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George...and really gleaning a lot from it already!!! :)

A busy weekend ahead for me and my family! I hope yours is full of love and joy! I know mine will be!

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Until next time,
Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Hi Katy!
    Just wanted to let you know I am hoping to post my favorite canning recipes soon, and I'll be sure to let you know when they're up!
    We live not to terribly far from Lehmans, and it is one of my most favorite places to go (ranks right up their with the county fair and Joanne Fabrics!), I always like to see your Lehmans posts, knowing I'm not the only one my age who adores the place;0)
    (Funny story: the last time my parents were there, my dad ran in to *the* Mr. Lehman in the bathroom, and asked him if he would mind getting his picture taken with my brothers and sisters. Their claim to fame!)

  2. Hi Katy!
    I LOVE yard sales! I have found so much at sales and flea markets for our house and for the kids. It's always a plus when you can find things really cheap and the kids play with it like you got it brand new!

    Thanks for posting the Lehman's website. I love reading stories from yester-year.

    Your VBS looks really fun. Ours doesn't start until August and my kids can't wait!

    Loving your blog!

    Nicki in WV

  3. I enjoyed your updates. I comment alot less than I read your words and delight in what you share about your life. I really love coming to your space and seeing your beauty of making life lovely in a simply way I savor. Hope your week end is beautiful up there. It has heated up down here in TX and enjoying peach tea & air condition. Enjoy your new book to read. Smiles, Angelia

  4. The kids sure did enjoy seeing Stu downtown, Katy! Thanks for going through the hassle of bringing her. I think she'll also be a highlight for the kids that attend the Marketplace for VBS. And, just to clarify... there are 6 area churches who are participating in the Marketplace 29 a.D. program! I am very excited that it is such a cooperative effort... and pray that it will be a memorable experience for all the kid who attend.

    I am going to check Lehman's site when I'm done commenting here. I've never visited it so it will be all new to me. I'm hoping to go there this fall when your mom-in-law and I go to Ohio. You should join us, along with Madelyn, and we can make it a girls' getaway! How about that???

    I enjoy reading your blog. I'm like Angelia... I read all your posts but don't always comment. I'm glad you're continuing with it!

    Hope your reunion is a warm gathering and not a time of everyone trying to "one-up" each other. I'm proud of who you've become...

  5. WHat a precious kitchen. Looks like y'all had fun!

  6. I love to see your pictures of your home when you "re-arrange". I also love to do that.

    Thanks for the link to Lehmans. Love to read that sort of thing.


  7. Love all the pics! Have a wonderful time at the reunion and Sunday! Hopefully you do get to spend time with your dad too!!


  8. I'm scared of yard sales - I am not good at "haggling" - therefore I always feel bad about going.

    I just love that you take your lamb about with you. Stu is so lucky!!


  9. Hi Katy, I enjoyed seeing how you changed things around in your house. I too love doing that alot. When I am done here I will go read the Lehman site and I can't wait.

    I have a question about your dishclothes. I am wanting to crochet some but not sure what kind of yarn to use. Can ya help a girl out.

    Enjoy your reunion. Mine is coming up the end of July and it will be my 30yr reunion I am excited about it.

    Anne F.

  10. i love the cabinet with the chicken wire. really country and quaint! i like the van art too!

  11. Anne F.~
    Thank you for your comment! If you are knitting a dish will want to use cotton yarn...such as Sugar and Cream or something similar! :) Here is a link to some:

  12. Katy, you may find it interesting that one of the Amish boys that works here is a cousin to the famous Leahmons. They told me that the store actually has one of Mose's fathers old plows in the window for a decoration. We have a pocket of Amish here and they are all form Ohio. So weird how they even knew that there were farms forsale around here. They keep sending new ones here to marry because there aren't that many here. We have a lot of Mennonites to the west of us and they are mostly just like us. Many of them even drive trucks and cars. The Amish are so different...not even allowed to ride a bicycle. I am so amazed that they still have any younger ones who want to live that life style anymore. It is so hard and demanding. They sure love watching my tv at noon and everyday they ask to use my phone...not sure whop they call. Lol. They actually got in my swimming pool with lomg pant s and lond sleeved shirts on. It was so funny. Loved looking at the catalog, I had never googled it before.
    Stu is a cutie.


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