Monday, December 1, 2008

Rearranged our Living Room!

Chris and I rearranged the living room the other night. The room is super duper small and not "rearrangeable friendly".....but we did it anyway...just for a nice change. I walls and wood flooring are scary...but the floors are the original floors of the house and we haven't had a chance to refinish them yet...and the walls...well...I have been working on tearing all the paper down..slowly..LOL.

And here is a pic of dish cloths I have been knitting. I love it. I plan on giving them as gifts at Christmas time! :o)

FYI: Did you know in the NIV Bible....there are actually verses missing??? I never truly realized this. I am a KJV and NKJV Bible reader...but I do have a NIV Bible. I found out there were verses missing in the NIV..and I checked to make sure and YEP...actually OMITTED! If you have an NIV Bible...look up Matthew 17:21. It isn't there. It jumps right from verse 20 to verse 22. I don't like that at all! I don't believe things should be omitted like that. So...I am mostly adhering to reading the KJV Bible....with referring to the NKJV at times if I need to! I just wanted to share that peice of info with you all.

Today I have been dizzy and fighting a bit of a headache. I struggled with impatience with my children and found myself with a short temper. I have prayed about this and am dissapointed in myself....but know that I am forgiven...thankfully! I really don't like when days end up like this...but all I can do is repent and try to do better. Right? I hope you all have had a good day though and thanks so much for coming by! xoxo


  1. Your dish cloths look fabulous. You are fast!! Hope you feel better soon. Julie

  2. Love the new living room design. And your dishclothes look great! I have been dealing with alot of the same things kid wise as you. It is so hard sometimes. I'm sure glad the Lord never gives up on us! Blessings, Karen

  3. I can't believe that verse is missing! I wonder how many more are? Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Your living room re-arrangement looks great. Your little guys picture is adorable. At first I thought he was outside looking in from the window.

    I didn't know that about the NIV of the bible. I will be checking that out tonight myself.

    Great job on those dish cloths.



  5. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all are human. That's why we mess up sometimes. Isn't forgiveness awesome?

    About the NIV Bibles, I have never really liked them for that reason.
    The KJV is my all-time favorite, but I also have a New Century Version, which is a translation of the KJV and not an interpretation. I think that difference is very important.

    Love your dish rags! You ar doing so well with your knitting.

    And I like to re-arrange every so often for a fresh look and feel.

    Have a great week!

  6. Theres nothing better than those dishcloths! Those are the only ones I own, thanks to my daughter!!
    Your living room looks so warm & cozy :)

  7. Hi katy,
    I think your living room looks JUST GREAT! VERY inviting and comfortable!!
    You are just amazing me with your knitting! I'm so impressed... and INSPIRED!
    A few years ago, I'd bought a Life application NIV study bible for my husband for a gift. I think we were in sunday school and realized that verse wasn't in it. So he uses a KJV now as well. We had no idea either!?
    Have a great night!

  8. Hi Katy! Your house looks very nice and cozy!

    I actually prefer reading the NIV bible, although I do have KJV and NKJV. The KJV was my very fist bible, which I still have. I have heard that, about the NIV omitting verses, and I wonder why that is so.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. I, too, struggle big time with impatience with my children, and I do have a very short temper, and don't like how I get when my fuse is short. It is something I have to pay about a lot.


  9. Love that quilt ;) lol. Glad to know you are enjoying it. Your lv room looks so inviting and comfy! Can I come for a cup of tea?

  10. Forgot to ask...How easy is it to make those dishcloths? I've been wanting to make some, I can crochet, not knit. But yours are nice. HUGS.

  11. Lovely dishcloths Katy, and your room looks fab! As for the NIV bible, the missing verses are in the footnotes on each page. An explanation as to why this is done is usually in the preface. I use the NASB bible after many years of using the KJV.

    love, Tina :)

  12. I didn't know that about the NIV!! I am a NKJV girl myself too. Wow, I wonder why that happened?
    I do like the look of your living room. I like the original flooring too. Of course, I can't see it up close but from a distance it looks very rustic and warm! Have a great week! Hugs

  13. Our living room is hard to rearrange too! We had to rearrange it just to fit the Christmas tree in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts also. I have an NIV but didn't realize that. I love knowing what's on a fellow Christian mommy's heart!

  14. I emailed you about the dizziness and headaches and stuff :)
    Hope you're having a better day.

  15. I love your room-I'm really liking your sofa! You sure have been busy with your knitting-good for you! I love those dish aunt used to make them years ago...I had oodles of 'em....I don't have any now...wonder where they be in the same place all my missing socks are??! I forgot all about them till now! :)

    Have a wonderful evening Katy!


  16. I think the arrangement is great. I especially love your area rug.
    You have been a busy girl. There will be some happy recipients fo them.
    Hope your headache gets better real fast!

  17. I did NOT know that about the NIV Bible! Good to know! Once, I bought a travel Bible and when I went to teach a lesson on Nehemiah to the youth, it wasn't there. The whole book! In fact, the Bible was missing 3 whole books (part of the book had multiple books printed). So strange. I took it back to exchange it and the lady said that she had never seen that before.

    Oh and the Bible lesson to the youth? Well, God turned that around into: You won't know what you're missing from God if you don't even look ;)

  18. If you're every intersted, Katy, there is a book called New Age Bible versions. It actually lists side by side KJV and other versions so you can see things that have been omitted. The NIV has removed the name "Jesus" in many verses.

    Its a slippery slope when we begin using versions that make minor changes. I grew up as KJV only and then began using other versions during my 20's until I realized that there are some important ommissions. Now I use other versions as study helps only.

    Love those washclothes!


  19. Hi Katy! I'm reading your archives and I must say that no matter how you rearrange that living room of yours....our home is so cozy!!!!
    I'm not much of a decorator and seriously do not know what my "style" is. But looking through your blog I an honestly say that your way of decorating is very cozy and I may have jsut found what I like...finally.
    Also I sent you an invite to my blog. My main page is at where I share recipes but i share my personal musings on a private blog. I post the link to my personal musings on my main page so that it is easy to keep track for everyone. Hope you'll accet the invite!
    Love your blog!


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