Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

My crazy boys!!! Well, X's room used to be a huge closet. There aren't closets in the bedrooms so they just made one of the rooms into a closet. Previous owners hung the bar in there to hang clothes on. Well, the boys (and Madelyn) just LOVE it! I always try to discourage it...but they honestly love it and if I were their age...I would love it too! I figure it is like, mini strength training...LOL!

You should see themselves just flip up there! It's so funny! They are so strong and make it look so easy! Gosh...I feel as though I am getting old. I am 27...and feel ancient! I am no spring chicken anymore....LOL!

I am sorry if that pop up is still coming up for everyone. I still haven't figure out how to get rid of it...and now, even, I am getting a "password needed" thing from blenza everytime I try to get on my blog...i just press cancel, though, and it goes away. Argh! I apologize for the nuisances my blog has seemed to gotten tied to it. It is so frustrating.

The kids and I have cleaning to do...and then lunch. This evening, Madelyn has Daisy's and I have a meeting at church. It's going to be a zaney night! Tomorrow...my wee one, Jaxson will be turning 3!!!! Not so wee anymore, right? I hope you all have a great Tuesday! xoxo


  1. i got that password thing too (when i came to your blog)... weird..


  2. Your kids are so cute. I would have loved having that as a kid too.

  3. Katy~That is so cute!
    I bet they have so much fun on that bar!
    As long as it holds out...let them play!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Let them be kids, they grow up so fast! At least if they fell, they would have a soft landing with a bed right there! LOL Cute!!

  5. Awh...cute pictures Katy!
    What FUN! :)


  6. Cute pictures. And as long as that pole is fastened into the studs, let them go at it. I would have loved to have had one of those when I was a kid too!



  7. Makes me wish I was young again. Kids are so fun to be around, and I love the imagination they have. Have a great day. Julie

  8. Heehaoaoaoo THAT looks like a blast!
    Bet they will NEVER EVER forget that!
    I heard my pop up blocker when I came to your blog but have never seen anything.
    Have a great night Katy,
    My love to your monkeys. LOL

  9. looks like so much fun!!!

    Hope your "baby" has a great day tomorrow!

  10. That looks like so much fun! I wish I had had one of those above my bed growing up! I'm sure I'd have been hanging up there like that all the time, too. I've never had any issues or anything when I come to your blog...I'm sorry it's giving you and some of your readers fits! Happy Birthday to your Little One!!

  11. Fun stuff! Lucky boys to have that in their room.

  12. Kids sure love things like that. I would love it too! Happy Birthday Jaxon tomorrow! I'm 37 so I must be old as dirt!lol Have a great day too! Blessings, Karen

  13. Hi, Katy, I was concerned about that pop up too but it let me get through anyway. Strange!
    The kids look like they're lovin' that bar! What fun to have in your bedroom. Have a great day.

  14. Oh how funny. My kid would be doing the same thing. We have a railing on our porch that our kids are always doing flips or hanging off of.

  15. LOL ~ I thought you had posted the photos upside down! My boys always climbed between the door jams like spiderman! Boys!



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