Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making The Best.....

...of a very tough few weeks! DEER SEASON!
No...I am not a hunter. inlaws DO own a meat market where they do deer processing. Oh my goodness.....such busy-ness during deer season. I help a little....but Chris goes down there everyday after work and works till late. He works so hard..and so do all the others that help!

The kids (and I) miss Chris sooo much during this season because he is so busy. It's also exhausting and sad because I see how much the kids miss their dad. They get upset easier and always wish he was home to tuck them in at night. (That is something he usually does!) So....tonight (Wednesday) I made the dinner for everyone down there and also made some cookies to take as well.

Christmas Wreath Cookies.....

Some homemade sloppy joes......

One of mommy's little helpers....always sticking his tongue out...hehe....

Madelyn and my mother-in-law.... She is wrapping meat. I do this too. Madelyn likes to help when she can as well (not with the actual wrapping)! :)

***Warning....a pic of raw meat is isn't gruesome to me...but it may bother some people!!

Here are some of the guys....working hard! They do a great job! I know I couldn't do it! Chris is on the right....closest to me! :) I love how people will use this meat that God provided to feed their families for the winter!

Time to eat! Everyone enjoyed a break and had some sloppy joes, chips and the cookies I made! YUM! .........
Silly boys!!! Xavier tied a basket on the end of these cords and was pulling it around. He said it was his "trailer". After taking the funny pic...I quickly put an end to it...goodness....that plastic on the cement floor is LOUD! LOL

And because everyone always asks where I am (which is usually behind the camera) I took a quick pic of moi to show that I was there! (Excuse my hair. Our electric was out this morning for a few hours and although I could take a shower...I couldn't blow dry I just threw it up in a pony tail....haha!)
I hope all the hunters in your lives stay safe during this hunting season and are able to get some meat to provide lots of venison for your family's meals for a good season! Although usually at this time (it is 8:30pm here)...I would be preparing for bed....tonight, I am not. When Chris is working late...I try to stay up later and knit, read my bible, watch some TV and just relax till he gets home. If it's too late..I give up and go to bed...but otherwise..I try to wait up for him. I love to see him! :o) Considering I am a pretty earlier riser....this night owl stuff doesn't work well with me...but for a few weeks, it is worth it so I get to kiss my honey good night before dozing off!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me and comment! I truly appreciate it! It is so much fun to share things with others and hear what you all think about it! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! xoxo


  1. Nice blog. I just found it from another blog. I like the cookies you made. Very cute! I also love the VW party below you had. My son would love that! Check my blog out sometime if you want.
    Sorry you are a hunting widow right now! Bobbi

  2. That is a lot of work for your husband, I bet he's tired when he gets home.

    Great picture of you and daughter!

    I'm thinking you need to post the cookie wreath recipe :)

  3. Hey Katy,
    I always feel so bad for the guys at the processing places! They work SO LATE!!! It will be over soon!

    The pictures of the kids are precious. My fave is the boys hugging!! I can't wait to find out what #3 is for me!! Ian thinks it's a girl, but I am leaning boy. Only 3 more months to go!!

    Thanks for always checking in with me and leaving your comments!! Hope the rest of hunting season flies for you :)

  4. Katy, all really do have a busy time during deer season. I'm very familiar with the lifestyles during this time (although Jason doesn't hunt)....because my dad has hunted ever since I can remember and we just know this time of year is a time he anticipates! I have to admit that I'm really glad that Jason isn't in to it that much though! lol!

    And your pictures were our family, you see the proud hunters taking pictures of gutting the deer and I've always hated those!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  5. My dad was a big deer hunter! We hardly ever saw him during deer season but we always had food in the freezer! Blessings, karen

  6. Yummy yummy venison! We just processed ours last night (we do it ourselves). I'm finally getting to the point I can look at the carcass - and then eat the meat. Still can't see it in dead bambi form though! Love the picture of you and your daughter!

  7. That looks like a lot of work. I grew up on a cattle ranch. I remember my dad butchering a cow, skinning it, cutting it up, and then my Mom wrapping it. I was always fascinated by the cow hanging upside down to drain. Kind of gross, but it provided for our needs!! Your wreaths are cute--would you mind sharing the recipe with me? Thanks, Katy--have a great day. Julie

  8. I love that you took supper to all those hard workers! It's so nice to see a family working together.

    My parents used to own a meat market. They worked seven days a week sometimes - Long hours!

    Love the wreath cookies!


  9. I would be sooo excited if I could get my hands on some of that venison! I wish my husband hunted! haha!! I am a meat lover, through and through, so the pic of the raw meat doesn't bother actually excites me...thinking about all that good food and the way God provides for us through His creation! :o) The other day, I was packaging up a lot of meat to freeze, and before I put it in the freezer, I stepped back and thought how wonderful it all looked...such simple things that make this simple housewife happy!

  10. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your post. It was so thoughtful of you to make supper for everyone. My husband is a hunter and most of the time he processes the meat himself with the help of a few friends. It is a time consuming process. I also enjoyed seeing all the photos of your children. Thank you for sharing them.


  11. A mixed blessing for sure, It is their occupation; ergo, their choice. I think it is great that everyone works together to get the job done and especially that you made dinner for everyone. It is a temporary thing and , oh so important to so many people. We buy most of our meat from the butcher shop. It is so much better there. We would absolutely love to have venison but the lockers cannot sell it.

  12. You know what.. I wouldn't even know what deer tastes like ;) No deer in Holland.. *lol*

    When we're in the caribbean, we will be able to buy fish right from the fisherman's boat.. and -get this- iguana's from little boys who chase them and then sell them for some money..

    Let me throw in the old cliché here: they taste like chicken.. *lol* But they will colour everything in that dish (say, soup) bright yellow.....

    greetings from the netherlands!

  13. We are hoping and praying for a doe this year. Jeff and my dad are hunting on Saturday. We have a resident doe that they're hoping to get right here on the property. It makes me a little sad but I don't get involved until the meat is in the freezer! LOL

    Love seeing the photo of you, Katy. I just love a pony tail too. But I got crazy this weekend and cut my hair right off. My long hair is no more and is at my shoulder but it feels to good and fresh and I do have just enough for a little pony too.

    Blessings & joy my friend,


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