Friday, December 5, 2008

Knit One, Save One!

While visiting Autumn's blog, Simplicity, I came upon THIS post about knitting (or crocheting) hats for tiny babies who need to be kept warm and dry and are without. It is such a great opportunity and I was excited to join in. This was the first hat I have ever made. It is the simpler one of all the patterns but it was what I could do and I think it is you?

If you would like to HERE to go to the Save The Children ~ Survive to 5 Website!

I have been knitting away at gifts....I love knitting! :) (can you tell?) And I have been busy tieing them up into little gifts to give for Christmas! So far, I have made bunches of dish cloths, a scarf, a hat and I am working on another hat at the moment. This time, I am trying a bigger one! Have you been making anything special for Christmas? I think homemade gifts are the best!!! :o)

And I had heard of applesauce ornaments before...but never attempted to make them...while reading at Wendy's blog...I decided to give it a try. I didn't have enough I used a little flour. I think I made them too thin too....they aren't perfect...but I like the "prim" they will work for on the tree..hehe! HERE is the link to the recipes for it...if you would like to try! :)

Thank you all for the concern and well wishes about my jaw. I do have TMJ and yesterday afternoon...much to my benefit....Chris's cousin, who is a chiropracter, was visiting from Iowa! I called him and he said he would see what he could do for my jaw. Apparently my jaw is out and also my atlas bone (back of my neck) was out and my jaw and neck are swollen. He tried to help with what he could and then gave me some exercises to do for my neck and told me to ice my jaw. I am not sure that my jaw will ever be totally "fixed" but I guess I just have to deal with it. He said my neck swelling and being out of place is probably a result of stress.....although, I try to stay calm and not live stressed, I dunno. Another thing I suppose I just have to live with. It could be worse! I am thankful I was able to be helped and given solutions to help me with it in the future!

***Have a wonderful day!!! Thanks for coming means alot to me! I love your comments! You are all so encouraging and kind and it is so uplifting to read them! Thank you, Thank you!!!

AND....if you haven't sure to check out pictures from Jaxson's super fun birthday party on my previous post! xoxo


  1. Hi Katy! I love your blog, you are so inspiring. I think the black and white hat you made is so cute, keep up the good work! Kara

  2. Your hat is so cute--and how charitable and kind of you to share and give. I hope you have a blessed weekend. Julie

  3. You did a great job. That's very cool you taught yourself. I finally got the finger knitting down. I'm gonna start real knitting soon. :) Thanks for the encouragement.

    I've been putting together homemade stockings. I sewed them up and filled them with goodies, hot chocolate, popcorn, candy..I'm not done yet. I plan on giving them to my friends kids..but saying it's from Santa's elves! I also made reindeer food. It's a brown lunch bag folded and decorated like a reindeer. Inside is oatmeal, sugar and sprinkles mixed together. The kids are supposta sprinkle it on thier lawn so the reindeer can find their house. :)

  4. I love the hat!! What a great thing to do for babies!:0) I love too how your ornaments came out they are so prim and will look great on your tree!! I am glad to hear you have exercises to help with your jaw, I too sometimes get a locked jaw or it pops so I know how you feel!! Take care Katy and have a great weekend!!~hugs~ Wendy

  5. I thought Maddie might have fun with these and best of all they are FREE

    enjoy =)

  6. Nice little hat :) I have a few of those around from when the kiddos were born. We have really really tiny hats because they were both preemies.

    One day when we were in Wal-Mart, I got to meet the lady that knits the hats for the hospital up here. She was walking through Wal-Mart knitting! She told my Gram and I that she was always hyper and probably has ADHD but was never diagnosed. Anyway, she said she drove her family crazy because she was antsy so her grandmother taught her to knit! That lady could knit and knit FAST!

    I'm making my gifts, too. I have a lot of pieces in progress at various stages. I need to finish a few totally so I feel like I accomplished a lot more! LOL

    Have a great weekend :)

  7. That is so sweet--making hats for babies. I think far too many mothers stop using the newborn caps tto soon. And I am shocked by the number of babies and toddlers outside with unzipped jackets and NO hats. And just as bad are the mothers/fathers that don't take kids coats off inthe stores, just letting them overheat and making them chill when they go back out!
    I think your ornamnets are darling!

  8. What a wonderful and kind thing to do for babies. Thanks for sharing the link I would love to help, I haven't got the knitting thing down, but I can crochet :) Oh and love the ornies :0)

  9. I'm so sorry about your jaw! I do hope that you are feeling much better asap.

    Very sweet little hat for a worthy cause. Your knitting is wonderful!

  10. I hope your feeling better soon and those ornies are so cute :)

  11. Katy, its just like you to make hats for sweet babies in need. They are so precious!

    I've been wanting to make those ornaments too, but I am as behind as can be in my Christmas preparations so it may have to wait until July! LOL

    I have TMJ, too, and it is definately worse when I am stressed out. Hope you feel better really soon.


  12. What a great idea!!! You always inspire me Katy :D

  13. Hi, Katy. What cute little hats and such a wonderful idea for those little babies. I know about TMJ and it's no fun but I'm glad you're getting some help with it. I have fibromyalgia and TMJ can figure into the mix with that. I have occasionally cracking sounds coming from my jaw (when I chew gum) but no pain yet, thankfully.

  14. These are wonderful Katie! About 30 years ago, I knit a ton of slippers for everyone for Christmas. I have totally forgotten how to knit over the years, but would like to re-learn.
    You are inspiring me.

    I have made a lot of quilt block pillow covers. You know, just make one quilt block and put the slip cover back on it. I line them with muslin and buy at 14 or 16 inch pillow form at the craft store. I'm made zillions of these for Christmas presents over the years. I make a lot of soap and lip balms for gifts now.

    I tried making clove - dough ornaments one year with my granddaughter who was then about age 5. They didn't turn out well, as they kept sticking to the pan as I was trying to remove them. The angel lost her feet, and darling Gracie 'so seriously' said to me, "It's okay grandma, she still has her wings, she can still fly you know." Out of the mouths of babes; so sweet, so innocent. :)

    Merry Christmas Katie! :)

  15. That is great about the hat!! Our church does a Knit at Nite where they make things for babies also. I have been wanting to go and they will teach me to knit. Yay!!
    Hey Katy, I have an idea...would you be willing to barter?? Something sewn for something knitted?? Just let me know...

  16. Hi Katy, just love the little hats and the wonderful reason you are making them. I agree with you, there is just something more cherished when someone makes something from their hands and heart. Who ever you are giving your knitted things to are so lucky! I hope your jaw and neck get better. Take good care, blessings, Kathleen

  17. I really want to learn to knit or crochet, but I can't decide which -or if one is easier to learn than the other! You're doing great with the knitting!

    I have been making stamped tile coasters for Christmas gifts which are super easy and fun. I can't put them on my blog right now though, or I will ruin a surprise for a lot of folks!

    We make the applesauce ornaments every year. We gave those as gifts last year with some raffia tied to them to hang them. They smell wonderful year after year if you use lots of cinnamon!

    Praying for your jaw!



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