Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday Bug Fun! (VW style!)

Jaxson had a great birthday. He is such a stinker though...I went to take a birthday picture of him...and he had a great smile on his face...and just before it took the pic...he stuck out his tongue!!!! LOL

It truly was a fun (and chaotic) evening! The theme was VW bugs....because Jaxson loves them. My sister, Devon, found this cool pinata and ordered it for us....isn't it perfect? :)

And Madelyn made this lovely "banner" for Jaxson to add to the birthday celebration decor! I think she did a great job with it!

I thought putting a huge "gift tag" on his present would be fun....he just ripped it off and went right to the presents. Oh much for that...LOL!

And oh my goodness....i just the picture looks like Jaxson's foot is missing!!! LOL

I made cupcakes galore. Sometimes they are just easier than a huge cake. See the yellow iced one in the bottom right hand corner of the picture? It has sprinkles on it? If you look's the VW symbol. My mom made me a stencil to do on the cupcakes. Well...that is the ONLY one that worked...I tried it a few more times...and it wasn't going very I gave up and just decorated them normally!

Devon made this VW bug cake for Jaxson!!! It was his own personal cake (that he just scraped most of the icing off...LOL) But isn't it sooooo cute? She did it free hand! AND...she has had a horrible cold lately...she is one talented girl!! Thanks Devon!!!!! :o)

A shirt from Aunt Nen (Devon)....he had to put it on immediately! He was very insistent on that! LOL.......

Jaxson has a literal obsession with the chicken dance song!!! He absolutely LOVES it! I am not exaggerating! It is a huge joke between chris and I's mom's. They have bought annoying chicken dance stuff for each other for their birthdays (which are in the same month) and then when Jaxson is visiting...he plays it a TON!!! It is soo funny! mom found him Chicken Dance Elmo...and he was just THRILLED when he opened it. I wish my camera didn't have a delay on it so I could have gotten his first reaction when he saw it! It was sooo cute!
So of course, a lot of dancing to the "elmo chicken dance" went on! He even wanted to take it to bed with him...hehe!

Then the kids had some pinata fun! This took place in our future living room...AKA storage room for now...LOL. It's a big room that isn't finished yet that serves as a GREAT shed till we get it done...LOL! My nephews participated too...but I didn't want to post their pics online without asking my SIL first! :) is one of X....oh my goodness...he was BRUTAL! We were laughing so hard!
And one of Madelyn!!!

Jaxson (of course) took turns as well! The kids all seemed to have a great time with it! Let me tell ya...from where I was taking pictures~I was in a danger zone! Especially when X was hitting the pinata! Oh my was wild!!!

My kids' silly uncles (pictured above) drew a face on a balloon and decorated my dining room shelf like this......

hehehehehehe! They kept stealing cupcakes and hiding them too....crazy guys! :)

It was a fun night and I think Jaxson enjoyed it! It was a nice time with family and I am so glad and thankful that everyone took the time out to come and celebrate with us! :)

****In quick "end of the post" news....last night after everyone left...I was relaxing in a chair and dozed off! When I woke up my jaw was locked! It was horrible!!! I could barely open my mouth! This is unlocked but clicking terribly! I think I have TMJ. My jaw has clicked like this for a super long time..but it is worse'll see what happens!


  1. bummer we had to leave early--thanks for sharing the pics though!

  2. Looks like a fun nite for all and the cake looks great! My sis had TMJ and she went to a chiropractor and it helped alot! Hope you dont have anymore trouble though! Blessings, Karen

  3. Cute party! I love the giant gift tag...what a cute idea, Katy! The cake, cupcakes, and M's banner are all adorable.

    How scary about your jaw! I hope it doesn't get any worse! Keep us updated. :o)

  4. What a great looking party...A picture is worth a thousand and one words!!
    The cake looks great, she did a fantastic job!
    Hope your jaw feels better soon!

  5. It looks like a great time was had by all!!:0) Your sister did a great job on the vw cake!! I hope your jaw doesn't give you more trouble!! Take care!~Wendy

  6. Looks like everyone had a great time! Girl, those cupcakes look amazing...Now I'm hungry for sweets!!

    BTW... He is such a cutie!


  7. That is such a cute theme! Loved the cupcakes and cake. Did you use a paper stencil on the cupcakes? And the pinata was awesome. Glad ya'll had a good evening.

  8. What a fun time! Jaxon looks so happy! And girl,, your handwriting is beautiful! That tag is so pretty!
    The cupcakes and the cake turned out awesome!
    Have a great day!

  9. That looked like tons of fun!
    I'm sure Jaxson had a blast. The cupcakes and cake look amazing! :)

    I hope your jaw gets better! I will be praying for you!

  10. What a fun time! I hope you feel better Katy, it must have been a real scary moment for you though!

  11. Hope you are feeling better...that sounds scary...and hey! where is the blindfold for the pinata hitters? no fair! LOL

  12. Happy birthday to your little guy! Love the VB Bug theme...very cute.

  13. How fun to have a volkswagon party. Looks like you all had a great time. take care--Julie

  14. Hi Katy!

    Just stopping by to say I really like your new BLUE layout! :D

    greetings from the netherlands!

  15. What a cute birthday theme- I love it!

  16. Happy birthday Jaxson! What a nice birthday celebration!


  17. So glad all had a good time. J looks like he had the best time of all.

    Maybe its being 3 and having a love of bugs hahahaha Cameron is crazy over them too.

    I hope your jaw is better super fast.



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