Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Little Glimpse Into My Dining Room!

My dining room. I love my dining room. We are redoing our house, one room at a time....and it was one we finished first (accept of course we still want new table and chairs and a new carpet...but we are waiting till the kids are a bit older for those things!) My mom helped me with some of the groupings...and some things I have done on my own! I thought i would show this since i LOVE my dining well as to show my style of decorating for anyone else who may have a similar way of decorating! I picked just a couple of my favorite areas in the room to show!

My mom and I painted the walls with a cream paint underneath and used a plastic bag with a lil darker cream to make the textured look. We painted the shelf along the top which is blue. Then we hung a border directly under the shelf and a checked, beautiful wallpaper above the shelf. I hand made the star valances myself! It's very rewarding to be able to make something useful!


  1. Way cute!!

    (Oh and thanks for putting me in Faves!!)


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